Christian Music Projects

It's not all about working with amazing Film Makers and I have a passion for bringing to life the stories found in The Bible. All of these projects stem from my passionate personal belief but I hope they can also be enjoyed by those who do not share my faith. Have a listen and tell me what you think!

All of these projects are free to download from my Band Camp page.

Ex Nihilo 

A music soundtrack to the story of Creation, as told in Genesis, the fall of Adam and Eve and looking to humanity's salvation at The Cross

The Exodus

A musical concept album that tells the story of Moses and The Exodus

From Shepherd to King

Musically tracing the story of David from a Shepherd to the King he eventually became. Through the highs of killing the Philistine, Goliath, to the lowest points of stealing his friends wife and murdering him to cover it up. David wrote the book of Psalms and his lineage is one he shares with another king. Jesus.

Man of Prayer

Everyone knows the story of Daniel in the Lions Den but. for me, the inspiring part of the story is the faith that Daniel shows. Choosing almost certain death rather than forsake his God. It is his faith in God that sustains him, his prayer that impresses the King. Daniel Man of Prayer!

The Lost Parables

During His ministry Jesus would teach by the use of powerful imagery that the people could relate to. The image of a woman desperately searching for a lost coin, a shepherd leaving his sheep to find the one lost lamb and The Prodigal Son are images that teach us about the way God wants to relate to us. Loss and Redemption are elements of life we are all familiar with and the lessons we learn through tears and pain shape who we are.

King of the Jews

A music journey that soundscapes Jesus' last days. From The Mount of Olives to His Ascension to Heaven.