About Me

I have always believed that the phrase "people buy people" is completely true. So, if you don't know me, a little of background may interest you. I was born into a very musical family (my Parents both play instruments and so does my sister) I was taught from aged 3 to play the piano and it is something that has been a constant in my life ever since. I discovered I had the ability to play by ear relatively early in life and had a natural ability to compose. I still find that music tends to form naturally in my head and the more intimate a connection I feel to a project the more this is the case. I remember feeling incredibly moved by Raiders of The Lost Ark and pretty much anything scored by John Williams. It was more likely that you would catch me listening to a film soundtrack than whatever was on the radio at the time. I vividly remember the first time I heard Elfman's Batman March and feeling it was the best opening to a film ever. I understand the power of music and its ability to raise a film to new dizzying heights but, get it wrong, and music can destroy the atmosphere created lovingly by a film maker. Think of Jaws without the iconic two note refrain and you have a very different film, sometimes less is more even with music! 

Being a synth player I loved the eighties and Vangelis will always be a Master of synth film scoring in my eyes. Whilst listening to music and learning the power of silence (I credit James Horner for this as his scoring for Star Trek Wrath of Khan has moments of beautiful restraint)  I was also developing my business acumen and a keen sales ability. Over the years I have worked within the banking sector, recruitment and retail but never really found that career moment that fulfilled all of me. Useful skills were developed and they certainly are useful when running my own business but I need to work in an industry that merges both creative and business disciplines. After an especially tragic family bereavement I found myself in a place where I could set up a PR company that supported Independent Films and had some success with developing a route to cinema. I was truly amazed by the sheer level of skill, commitment and passion that I uncovered within this vibrant industry. Sadly, the PR business was not to be a viable source of income and after a period of time to rethink I literally fell into  Film Music Composition. It was because of my PR work for AD Lane that I was given the opportunity to provide the soundtrack for his debut feature. The music work I have undertaken for AD Lane's astonishingly ambitious film 'Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead' has led to the creation of some truly disturbing sounds. It is a film that has taken over 12 years to complete but AD Lane has become like a brother to me. I am also proud to have worked on the short film - Valhalla, which highlights the battle that many face with mental illness.

My music taste spans many different genres (from Classical to Metal, Blues to Opera) and so does my ability to create soundtrack composition. What remains a constant though, is my passion and desire to ensure each and every piece of music I write is emotionally connected both to the audience and the film it frames. I have found a career that I love and for me, creating music and having the honour of seeing it partnered with film on the big screen  is one of the most exciting opportunities in my life. Think of it this way, if you have poured hours, years even, of your life into creating a film which is worthy of being experienced by an audience. If you have utilised every ounce of strength, every last pound you have to bring the film to post production. Why would you not want it to be framed with the best possible and perfectly matching music? Original composition isn't free but it doesn't have to be out of your price range. Get in contact if you think that your film deserves a soundtrack that is innovative but, at the same time showcasing your work. It's your film, do it your way!