New Album- Pandemic Vol 1

Twelve weeks of lockdown and the UK is forever changed by the Covid-19 virus.

I have always coloured my music with emotion and sought to use my compositions as a way to communicate how I am feeling. During the last 12 weeks I have experienced every emotion you can imagine and have attempted to translate this raw emotion into music.

I remember when Hans Zimmer composed a powerful piece of music as his response to the terrible shootings in Colorado, a personal cry of heartache and pain at the horrific loss of life. It was an amazing piece of work which transcended words and conveyed the composers feelings far better than words could ever do.

The album you are about to listen to is my own heart's cry, my personal reaction to Covid-19, and I am proud to share it with you. I hope the music speaks to you too, I hope that it provides you with a voice or that it comforts you as you weep tears. Music without emotional connection has no soul. Pandemic Volume 1 is the beginning of my musical journal.

From the deep sadness at the loss of life and the desolation so many families feel at the death of loved ones through to anger at a Government which seems less concerned with protecting and saving lives and more focused on the UK Economy.

But there are moments of beauty in even the darkest of situations and the testimonies of how communities have come together to support the most needy in our society have been truly touching, Our Front Line Workers, the Education Staff, Care Workers, Shop Workers and the NHS Staff who give all that they are to heal and protect us are the beacons of light in this pandemic. I don’t know how long the Pandemic will last and I don’t know how the United Kingdom will have changed when we finally emerge. What I do know is that we must continue to fight for the many not the few. We have to care, we have to connect and we must continue to reach out to those in need.

It is unapologetically political at times and yet there is an intensely personal element. To depersonalise this pandemic is to lose sight of who we are as humanity.

Pandemic Vol 1 is available to preorder now from Apple Musi with an immediate download of 'Contagion' The full album is released on 17th July 2020 and will be available on all digital platforms. 


Love always

Daniel White