New Album- War Of The Mind

Late last year I felt like I wanted to compose for a standalone concept album. I have always been a fan of War of the Worlds and the thought of putting something together that told a story using strong narrative and music really excited me. I also felt that I wanted to compose something that drew on my experience of mental illness and would perhaps resonate with people who have the same sort of battles in their lives. There was only one man that I could think of to provide the story and the internal narrative that I wanted to hold the album together. AD Lane is more than a friend, he is a brother to me and we have supported each other through some terribly dark moments in our lives but also celebrated the highs. He inspires me to push for excellence in music and never settle for second best. He also understands only too well the horrific nature of mental illness, of anxiety that pushes to the edge of sanity and together we came up with War Of The Mind.

'War Of The Mind' is a story about one man, a man who has never felt emotion since the moment of his birth. Our emotions can overwhelm us at times but, without them, we are a shadow of who we are supposed to be. In my life I have often found myself thinking that the pain of loss, the anxiety, the self loathing, all the negative emotions are ones to be fought against. These emotions are just as important as those that are seen as positive. To love, to hope and to have faith are balanced by the times in my life where I seem to be overwhelmed by negativity and by the darkness that threatens to engulf me. 'War Of The Mind' is about one man's search for something better than his soulless existence and as he experiences and feels for the first time it is a journey that I have been on for the whole of my life.

We hope that you enjoy the album and that you find something that connects with your own experience. Mental Illness is a series of battles and some of them are lost but some are won and ultimately we can win this war if we support and help each other. 'War Of The Mind' is fictional but it draws on the very real experiences that we have battled through. If you could turn off your emotions so that you didn't feel, if it were no longer possible for you to hurt, would you do it?

'War Of The Mind' is available for pre order at the end of January.