King Of The Jews

I would like to state, right from the outset, that I am a committed Christian and believe that Jesus is the Son of God. This work is an intensely personal composition that conveys my feelings and beliefs. Having said that I wanted the music to be accessible to those that do not share my faith as well. The last few days of Jesus' life were some of the most eventful of any person that has ever lived. From the heart wrenching personal torment in the Mount of Olives to the empty tomb and beyond, Jesus and His life has been the centre point of discussion and debate ever since. 'King of the Jews' is an orchestral and choral work that will lead you to one very straight forward question. Was Jesus the biggest failure that ever lived or was He God? At the end of the day, it comes down to free will and a choice, it always has! 

King of the Jews

Mount Of Olives

Following Jesus and His disciples as they make their way to the Mount of Olives. Jesus gives His followers some words of hope as He again predicts His own death. Jesus prays to His Father and asks for strength to endure what is to come. He is betrayed by Judas and the guards arrest Him

I Am Who You Say I Am

Peter denies knowing Jesus and He endures a trial at night by the ruling religious leaders. Jesus is handed over to the Romans and, after a vicious scourging, is condemned to death by Pilate and a blood thirsty crowd. Jesus is given his cross to carry as He begins his walk to Calvary or Golgotha. 

The Place Of Skulls

Mocked by the onlooking crowds and mourned by His followers, Jesus' carries His cross through the streets of Jerusalem and up the hill to Golgotha (The Place of Skulls). His feet and hands nailed to the cross. Jesus is crucified alongside two thieves. After promising to see one of the thieves in Heaven, Jesus cries out to His Father, asking why has forsaken Him, and asks for forgiveness on behalf of those who have murdered Him. Jesus' death coincides with an Earthquake and the temple curtain is ripped from top to bottom. 

He is Alive

Three days later and Mary Magdalene is walking to Jesus' tomb, accompanied by some of her friends. They discover the stone has been rolled away and the tomb is empty. An angel declares that Jesus has risen from the grave. Over the next short while, Jesus appears to countless numbers and prepares His disciples for the coming of the Holy Spirit and tasks them to "preach the good news to all nations" He returns to Heaven with a promise that one day, He will return at the end of days.