Welcome To My Music

Film soundtrack can be art in its own right and also serve a greater purpose, namely, to musically frame the cinematic art it accompanies. This is the reason why I am proud to provide originally composed music for independent film and any other projects. I have been working closely with AD Lane and other amazing film makers for just over a year. But I have a love of film soundtrack that lasts a lifetime. Whether you go old school with Williams astounding leitmotifs or Zimmer's brilliant use of electronic and orchestral soundscaping, there is much to enjoy.

Yet, all too often, original composition can be seen by some to be out of their price range. Or worse, that they can cut costs by using Royalty Free music. Don't get me wrong, the quality of some Royalty Free music is  amazing but it lacks the personal touch and you risk using something which has been used over and over. Your film has its own heartbeat, its own life, so why use someone else's music to give it a voice?

I set up my own music composition service because I understand the relationship between what you see and what you hear. Film music needs to be memorable but not to the detriment of the film. When you use my services you can be assured that the music I compose will match your film for tone and pace and will not fight for the attention of the audience. It's your project so it is essential that you are happy with the music you have selected. A collaborative approach is essential and there are no limit to the number of rewrites I will undergo to ensure you get what you deserve.

My first passion is music but my second is film and by providing music that is both innovative and ground breaking I can ensure that your film has a soundtrack that will be as memorable as your film will be.

Welcome to Daniel White Film Composer and a score that is settled!